The Photographer

Beauty & Life: Captured!


I am Bruno Sauma, founder and owner of Beauty & Life Captured! Wedding Photography Studio, a hardworking, focused and energetic individual that enjoys all sides of the shooting process: camera, lighting, editing, design and printing. Because of my long-term involvement working with image manipulation, printing and graphic design (at local companies and as a freelancer), I suddenly found myself in love with photography.After years of training and gaining experience with several styles of photography, I was naturally directed to capturing people in emotion, beauty and life; as a result, wedding photography became my true passion.

The reasons I love my job.

Wedding photography is a “people” profession, and I get to meet some pretty incredible people. There are, of course some clients who often end up becoming more of a friend than client.

Pressure and heat creates diamonds.

I’ve learned to love working under pressure and turn the wedding day challenges into a fuel for creativity. I love creating something we are both going to be frantically excited about and I won’t be happy until I feel the mark has been met.
With a wedding you practically have a story built right into your images. Being responsible for transforming those emotions, characters, scenes and action into lifetime memories is priceless.
Wedding photography rewards creativity and exercises freedom, but most importantly, it feels amazing to do what you love.

My Style

My style is introspective, non-disturbing, artistic and photojournalistic approach. I like to call it" Creative Documentary"

What to expect.

One of the simplest questions and one, which most photographers dread! – Every photographer is different; they have different styles, different personalities and look to gain different things from their work. When you look at a photographers work you should see what they see or don’t see and what they pay or don’t pay attention to. Does the work look like what you’d like? Can you imagine yourself in the photographs?

By looking at my picture samples and asking yourself these questions, you can quickly decide if it’s worth booking a visit with me.

As a photographer, I am a service provider. My aim is to develop a professional reputation built on trust and reliability. I am hoping for your referral to your friends and family. Everything I do is done with this in mind.

I work by contract so we both know what to expect as a minimum.

Feel free to Contact-me if you have any questions or just visit the FAQ page.